Back to Basics: SSON's 2016 Survey Focuses on Fundamentals

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While much of the rhetoric today is about redefining Shared Services for smarter (ie, digital) business environments, what remains true is that despite the innovations driving this space you need to keep an eye on the fundamentals that have built Shared Services into the multi billion-dollar industry it is today. That's why, this year, we went back to the basic building blocks of successful Shared Services models – because we know that if you can’t get those basics right, then automating won’t help!

So, like any good coach at the start of a season, we are asking you to assess the fundamentals before charging off into the future! We’ve identified two dozen questions that will tell us exactly how your 'building blocks' are set up, and I'd like to personally invite you, now, to take this 10 minute survey.

Barbara Hodge

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