Metrics to Move in 2017

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Targets & Tactics: Leading Practitioners share their most important metrics for the year ahead (i.e., how they’ll impact value) and also tell us which strategies they are applying to shift these metrics forward.

We asked SSON’s Global Advisory Board which ONE metric, above all others, they had in their sights – and asked them to share two tactics they were deploying to “move” it.

Here’s what they said…

Alexander von Thielmann, CFO and Senior Vice President,
Siemens Shared Services

Alexander Thielmann

Based on our Target Scheme we have up to 6 Targets which are mainly related to:

  • Productivity / Efficiency Targets
  • Digitalization/Innovation Projects
  • Cross Border / E2E Cooperation
  • Customer / User Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction and Ownership


Our major focus this year is related to value generation based on E2E Improvements, Automation and Digitalization.


Chris Gunning, Global Shared Services Finance Operations Lead,

Chris Gunning

We are very much in a fast-paced, initial lift-and-shift ramp up mode in 2017 –  with committed reduction targets to our stakeholders. Hence Productivity and Efficiency % reduction on day 1 FTEs is what all eyes will be on.

In terms of tactics to get there – once the work is in the SSC:

  • Enabling Tools and Technology – including, for example, Reconciliation tools, Ticketing, Work flow, Scanning, even Robotics etc.

  • Process Improvement – including Lean, Continuous Improvements, Value Stream Mapping, Process, Procedures, Policy changes etc.


Philip P. Whelan, Head of Sourcing & Transformation,
BP Global Business Services


Our key focus is Digital Automation value – using metrics like ‘Capacity created through automation’ at a process level.


  • Defined RPA operating model using strategic partner
  • Global Process Design Standards for core processes being updated to include preferred automation standards
  • Using inbuilt ERP automation

John Gregory, Global Business Services – Global Operations Lead,
Kellogg Company

John Gregory

We are focusing on Effectiveness Measures and trying to get better ownership between GBS and our customers to drive dollars over and above efficiency.


Initially we will work on OTC and especially Invalid Deductions recovery rates and Aged Deductions in the >90-day bucket.


Mike Stops,
 Global Director Service Centres,
NSG Group


Improvements are being targeted in either Person Hours (through process improvement / automation) or Working Capital reduction.


  • Person hours – Understand initial benchmark of effort taken and cycle time of process (doesn’t matter whether this is within GBS or prior to transfer); then measure improvement and annualize. This is expressed in hours, not money.
  • Working Capital reduction – A straight business measure so our role is in analyzing where there are inefficiencies (duplicate stock, early payments, late receivables, debit notes).


Lee Coulter, CEO,
Ascension Ministry Services Center

Lee Coulter

For us this year, we have five key metrics, but the one above all others is Client Alignment: to develop and deliver joint goals with our Global Process Owners furthering their strategic objectives. That sounds like one metric, but is really like 9. At the end of the day, for us as a service organization, it is about our ability to partner and drive their agendas with them.

Tactics to get there:

With HR, the goal is to improve associate experience with HR services by 15%. We baselined experience and set the new target. Underneath that are two strategies:

  1. CX – full customer experience program focusing on Trust, Forgiveness and Effort as the measures of experience
  2. ROFC and FTR – Resolve on First Contact and First Time Right for all HR related calls

With Finance, the goal is to improve our controls reliance on an end-to-end basis. The two tactics are:

  1. Implement Blackline Task Manager for all control attestation, testing, analysis and artifact management
  2. Create National Compliance Community for all control owners, regardless of role, or who they report to.