SSON Presents a Startup to Watch: Bid Ops [Winner, 2020 Startup Zone]

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Barbara Hodge

Bid Ops: Winner of the North American SSON Startup Zone 2020

Meet Edmund Zagorin, who followed his passion for what he calls "the philosophy of networks," three and a half years ago, to set up Bid Ops as a sourcing enabler for the modern business.

Bid Ops won SSON's coveted award for the year's best startup, impressing with its ability to drive enterprise savings in procurement by getting better quotes, faster, through algorithms that drive intelligent first offers (and take the guesswork out of supplier bids).

In this interview, Edmund explains how his philosophy degree helped guide him towards network analysis (think 6 degrees of separation!), how network principles manifest in enterprise data sets, and how Bid Ops is changing the way business teams partner with suppliers.

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