Leaders We Love

SSON Editorial

On St. Valentine's – focus some of the love on the Thought Leaders of our time. Who do you think warrants being recognized as exerting a significant impact through shared services / outsourcing? We've drawn up a short-list – but it's up to you to choose the "People's Choice: Personal Contribution to the Industry Award" for 2013.

Next month, in Orlando [Shared Services & Outsourcing Week], we'll be announcing the 2013 SSON Excellence Award winners in 5 categories. As part of this event, we will also be recognizing an individual for his or her vision of what shared services/outsourcing can do. We are once again asking the public to vote: who do you think displays impressive thought leadership in this field? The SSON team have compiled a list based on our encounters over the past year, and we've provided links to sources that highlight some of their thinking.

Here are the nominees for The People's Choice: Personal Contribution to the Industry Award 2013 (North America). Now you choose.

Ed Martinez, former VP Shared Services, Wendy’s
– why is Ed a thought leader? Because he believes passionately in the shared services model (vote for Ed)

Sam Poston, Of Counsel, ScottMadden
– why is Sam a thought leader? Because of his long-term leadership of ScottMadden's shared services group, and his experience in organizational transformation (vote for Sam)

Bob Cecil, Partner, KPMG
– why is Bob a thought leader? Because he recognizes GBS is not for everyone. Sometimes a functional shared services is the right solution (vote for Bob)

Deborah Kops, Sourcing Change
– why is Deborah a thought leader? Because she's not shy to speak what's on her mind and challenges SSO leaders to come clean (vote for Deborah)

Kenneth Lee, VP, GBS and Transformation, Avery Dennison
– why is Ken a thought leader? Because he knows that to keep up with changing markets, shared services will have to be more technically astute [an article he co-authored while in his previous role at A.T. Kearney]. He also believes finance transformation should be enabled, not driven by, IT (vote for Ken)

Debbie Vander Bogart, Head of Global Shared Services at Levi Strauss & Co.
– why is Debbie a thought leader? Because talent management and retention are important to her (vote for Debbie)

Eric Simonson, Managing Partner, Research, Everest Group
– why is Eric a thought leader? Because he constantly evaluates both sides in the 'global in house center' vs 'outsourcing' debate (I vote for Eric)

Rick Arpin, Senior Vice President - Corporate Controller, Finance Shared Services Center, MGM Resorts International
– why is Rick a thought leader? Because he knows that Six Sigma/Lean can take shared services that much further (vote for Rick)

Mark Krueger, Practice Leader, BPO Discovery, Wipro
– why is Mark a thought leader? Because he sees a big future in captive hybrids (vote for Mark)

Graham Russell, BPO Director at WPP Group
– why is Graham a thought leader? Because he's rolled an amazing career into one lifetime (vote for Graham)

Karen Dobson, Director, Financial Support, Coca-Cola Refreshments
– why is Karen a thought leader? check back for more (vote for Karen)

Phil Fersht, CEO, HfS Research
– why is Phil a thought leader? Because his research and comments on BPO are read by all (vote for Phil)

Email me with the name of the individual you think deserves to be recognized in 2013. Cast your vote above, or here now!