Automation Irons Out Payroll and HR Inefficiencies

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Beth Hampton

Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions make people management easier by automating compliance, benefits, payroll, reward management, onboarding, and more. As a result, Human Resources (HR) staff are freed up to be more strategic and people-focused rather than admin-focused. By leveraging technology solutions, companies can automate and streamline their payroll and HR processes.

While digital transformation is a high priority for most organisations as they move into the 2020s, many companies still do perform at least some HR processes manually. To assess the impact of the pandemic and gather insights on HR, payroll and managed services, SSON ran a global survey in collaboration with Zellis to ask critical questions about the current and future state of HCM. As the survey confirms: nearly one in five respondents still manually execute payroll and HR tasks like payroll calculations, employee onboarding and employee records management - three processes that are traditionally highly manual. On the other hand, roughly a third of respondents are already relying entirely on software to manage their HR tasks, while approximately half are using a hybrid approach. 

The principal finding from the survey is that enterprises are recognising the benefits of automating payroll and HR processes. An impressive 80% are already leveraging a hybrid if not completely automated approach. Only a small percentage of respondents are still entirely committed to using manual processes alone, which demonstrates an overall recognition of automation’s benefits and a willingness to adopt relevant technologies.

The very nature of automation is based on the premise of ironing out process inefficiencies, which is why HCM software presents a concrete and financially justifiable means of improving payroll and HR experiences. HCM software utilises automation to simplify and streamline complex business processes and administrative tasks, making them quicker, more efficient and more accurate.

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