Are All Robots Created Equal?

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Adrian Li

All robots are created equal. But some are created more equal than others...

A robot, is a robot, is a robot, right? Wrong! That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, although a great many of the VIPs from the business world are preparing to welcome robots to their labor force, there is, on the other hand, a major segment that are ambivalent to it. To make matters worse, many of those who do see a place for the increased adoption of robotic software in business actually believe that sourcing a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor can be just as easy as preparing a list, nailing it to a board and throwing a dart at it. Extremely naðve!

Like it or not, the robotic revolution is not on its way, it’s already here. And those who choose to embrace it will be leagues ahead in the competitive stakes by the time others are just beginning to wake up to the importance of it. Further to that, those who have done their homework and chosen to work with an RPA vendor with a proven track record, process knowledge, and robots with the know-how to perform previously slow, error prone manual tasks unsupervised, will be well off into the distance. Leaving the rest to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Okay, so for arguments sake, let’s say that one of those visionaries is you. Fantastic news, however, you may be left scratching your head saying, "Where to next?" There are so many players in the RPA market that it’s not surprising that many are finding it difficult to see the wood for the trees. That’s unless of course one of those trees is a Redwood. See what I did there?

Setting the standard for others to follow

Instead of taking a ‘user centric’ view and simply mimicking what users do, Redwood takes a ‘process centric’ view and looks at your processes in their entirety rather than adopting a blinkered silo approach. Not only do they robotize the human activities, they robotize the application and system tasks, too, and connect directly with your ERP and other business systems, so you always maintain true process integrity.

Due to their knowledge of the process, Redwood robotizes both human and IT tasks and merges them for an end-to-end automated process where monitoring and a full audit trail is a natural by-product of robot activities. Helping you to reduce both time and risk.


And the robots can scale according to your evolving requirements from just a couple to thousands and manage the interdependencies between each other. Plus, Redwood Enterprise Robotic Process Automation does not grow exponentially as you scale, because they orchestrate processing directly with your underlying ERP system. This helps you to achieve greater reliability, consistency and accuracy across diverse processes such as the financial close, human resources and supply chain that lie at the heart of your organization.

The move to enterprise RPA means that resources, budgets and time frames currently in place will change for the better. The realization of a massive step change in greater process efficiencies like this has not been experienced since the industrial revolution. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution that’s happening not on the factory floor, but in the back office.

Redwood has helped thousands of organizations clear a path to business utopia by providing the business case for enterprise process robotics adoption using a combination of their Directors of Process Transformation and robots. Armed with this information and their leadership in process centric RPA, Redwood can help you migrate from the ‘as is’ scenario to the more efficient ‘to be’ process.

Contact Redwood to find out how YOU can benefit from Enterprise RPA.