Intelligent Automation Online World Series: Chairwoman's Takeaways

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IA World Series

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Day 1, 11 February (Monday)

0930 - 1030 US ET
Vodafone's Fast Lane to Success with Celonis
Fabian Baldauf, Product Strategist, Celonis

Takeaway: Great example from the Vodafone case study of questions to ask to know if you should automate including understanding how mature your process is and measuring the number of manual steps that will eliminated.

1100 - 1200 US ET
Strategic Automation: Establishing Governance and Avoiding Cultural Roadblocks
Scott Teeple, Chief Technology Officer, Agilify
Kent Andrews, Director of Professional Services, Agilify
Sheila March, Customer Experience Manager, Agilify

Takeaway: Darwin said “it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change” and this is true for human and robot integration as well. Be mindful in your communication that the change is affecting real people and the way in which their contributions are valued is shifting. Customer Effort Score is a highly relevant metric to show an overview measure of how automation affects ease of use.

1300 – 1400 US ET
Accelerating and amplifying the power of Automation with Process Discovery
Sateesh Seetharamiah, Vice President and Global Product Head, EdgeVerve
Vijay Shankar, Partner and Practice leader Robotics & Intelligent Automation Advisory Services, EY

Takeaway: Accurate selection of processes is key to automation success. Outline data driven benefits, not perception. Only about 1/3 of implementations are scaled which results in ‘value leakage.’

Day 2, 12 February (Tuesday)

0800 - 0900 ET
How to scale Intelligent Automation for true business transformation – an EDF Energy case study
Robin Parker, Business Consultant, EDF Energy
Terry Walby, Founder & CEO, Thoughtonomy

Takeaway: Utilized a playbook and framework to guide approach to deployment. COE created new jobs with higher level skill set in country, while automation reduced scope of work delivered offshore.

0930 - 1030 US ET
Humans and Robots – Extend the Value of Robotic Process Automation
Brad Filbert, Senior Vice President of Robotics & Workforce Management, The Results Companies

Takeaway: Invest in the team – both technical and process experts. Their ‘Cx360’ operating model ensures global standardization and is measured monthly to process engineers to study for more timely adjustments.

1100 - 1200 US ET
Digitizing Finance: Fueling reinvestments, Strengthening security, Improving Service
Jeanette Wade, Executive Office of Technology Services and Security, Chief Financial Officer and Internal Control Officer, Commonwealth of MA

Takeaway: Know where you stand in the organization and the influence required for scalable automation. Before and after user journey tracking (i.e. 5 screens and 8 minutes to get a task done, number of sites/pages visited before getting to the right source) is critical to outline to ensure user experience has improved and if a streamlined process can also be mobile enabled.

1300 - 1400 US ET
Leveraging RPA, AI and Machine Learning for Automating Document Centric Processes
Manish Rai, VP of Product Marketing, Cognitive, Automation Anywhere

Takeaway: Digital native upstarts form with a digital only origin and can capitalize on automation quickly as a differentiator and to gain market share. Keep your eye on the goal of freeing up knowledge worked to enable them to make decisions and handle exceptions.

Day 3, 13 February (Wednesday)

0930 – 1030 US ET
Taking a Bite ut of the Entire IA Pie: Blockchain Implications & Benefits
Aleksandar Zelenovic, Strategy and Consulting Practice Lead, Sapient

Takeaway: Installing blockchain is ‘nothing’ on its own, only a distributed ledger. Similar to the internet in its early days, you only derive benefit when you align it to solve a business problem. Experiment in small bits to learn quickly how your processes can be tweaked using blockchain.

1100 – 1200 US ET
How to Ensure Nothing Stands in the Way of Scaling Your IA Program
Lee Coulter, CEO Ascension Ministry Service Center and SSON Chief Intelligent Automation Officer, Ascension
Barbara Hodge, Global Editor in Chief, SSON
Rochelle A. Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics & Research, SSON

Takeaway: Be mindful of automation stall points and how to alleviate them. Address FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) by outlining upskilling with proof points (how, when, measures, expectations). Supervisors value themselves by the number of their direct reports and take pride in walking around to get a pulse of the team and work performance. Automation creates a shift in personal valuation with a bot team and required a new way of observing task delivery. Beware of taking a short term approach to procurement in the automation space and recognize the rapid speed of changes in the technology landscape will necessitate more agile buying processes.

1300 – 1400 US ET
The Secret Sauce to Automation Results…Culture
Sudheer Kaavil Valappil, Site Director – Poland (Former), Becton Dickinson

Takeaway: Automation is a providing a gateway to move away from the factory of business services (i.e. manually keying in data, cutting and pasting) into an environment of innovation and thinking. In the World Economic Forum annual meeting session on leadership C-level executives discussed the notion of ‘new collar’ workers having moved aware from blue and white collars as a result of automation. Silicon Valley organisations foster a culture of innovation when they unlock all their tools and allow employees to play and create.

Day 4, 14 February (Thursday)

0800 - 0900 US ET
Maximize the ROI of your RPA projects with data-backed process insights
Michal Rosik, Chief Product Officer, Minit

Takeaway: Take a look at unfulfilled expectations where ROI isn’t as high as initially thought it would be. End to End process automation holds opportunity to increase ROI. Use process intelligence assessments to determine whether to automate or optimize. Build your business case on accurate data derived process insights.

0930 - 1030 US ET
Internal Audit – Your IA Ambassador and Premiere Use Case
Isaac Jung, CPA, CISA, Director of Internal Audit, Pernod Ricard

Takeaway: Intriguing approach to have internal audit at the center of their governance model. Robotics automation removes some of the premise for separation of duties controls – it’s time to challenge the. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) automated key controls = test of 1 (a win in audit reduction). Ensure you outline contingency plans for when bots fail or require maintenance.

1100 – 1200 US ET
Utilizing Continuous Improvement (CI) and Agile Methodologies to Deploy Automation
Jeff Machols, VP, Head of Continuous Improvements, Voya

Takeaway: Gain velocity and value be executing work in an iterative way. Agile approach allows your organisation to gain incremental value throughout the project versus only at the completion. Obtaining customer feedback/business input along the way enables the team to adapt and reduce rework. Excellent template shared as a skills matrix for resource management to smooth demand, reallocate capacity and identify where upskilling is required.

1200 – 1215 US ET (Immediately following closing session – same link)
Chairwoman’s Conference Summary
Rochelle Hood, Global Head of Customer Analytics and Research, SSON

Stay Tuned: The next IA World Series is planned for August 2019.