Podcast with Ascension's Lee Coulter: Machine Learning and what it entails

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Lee Coulter

Podcast interview with the CEO of the Shared Services organization at Ascension who also heads the current IEEE standards initiative for intelligent automation, AND has the role of Chief Intelligent Automation Offiicer at SSON.  

Lee Coulter podcast 2

Episode Overview:

When people have a lot to say, and we think others should hear it, we bring them back (like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones; or Lee Coulter, SSON's Chief Intelligent Automation Officer). So, we welcome back Lee to explain what the IEEE standards board is doing to clarify and standardize the terminology and definitions of all those acronyms currently flying about.

The IEEE automation standards were born out of serious frustration, in Lee's case at a chronic, near-medical level. The IEEE Guide to Terms and Concepts on Intelligent Process Automation will provide the industry with a lexicon which allows executives to have intelligent conversations around intelligent automation

For example: RPA is server based, batched, unattended automation. RDA is interactive automation that runs concurrently with other desktop executables, allowing the automation to pause for cognitive input or contribution by the operator, and then continue on it’s automation journey. These are two simple distinctions which help set the course for a true understanding of automation and it’s effect on global corporate enterprise.

But why does all this matter? Here is why: the actual cognitive load of most of our daily work is frighteningly low. And that, in the face of what's happening, is not sustainable.

Sneak-peek Preview: A foundational leader is the field told Lee: "AI is useless!" What did he mean?

Listen here, to a guy who sets the standards in cufflinks (he wore precision bearings cufflinks for the interview) and intelligent automation. If you do one thing this week: "Listen to Lee"