Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H1 2017)

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A new operational model enabled and built by intelligent automation

Most organizations are finding themselves in an Uber moment, as enormous disruption rocks their industry. For many, it’s high time for a wakeup call, given that underlying service lines, process execution, customer interactions, etc. have remained unchanged for decades.

Intelligent automation (IA) has a role to play in this evolution. It is the fastest growing technology with the greatest power for disruption. At its most basic, it eliminates mundane, repetitive tasks. At the other extreme, it will begin to replace higher-level cognitive human abilities with a far greater capacity for volume, analysis, accuracy and consistency than can currently be performed by humans.

This report (the first in a 2-part series) is one of the most comprehensive you will find on this fast-changing topic. It presents the broad continuum of opportunities represented by IA from the all important perspective of “fit for purpose,” providing 8 considerations for choosing the right IA solution to successfully align with, and execute, your enterprise strategy.


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