The Future of Shared Services: an Automated Dashboard

Posted: 04/05/2016

Interview with Piyush Gupta, Senior Executive, VP Business Transformation, Head of Shared Services, Reliance Industries

For India's Reliance Industries, shared services is not about labor arbitrage but about scale. With year on year growth averaging 30% plus, building an army of support staff, as Piyush explains to Barbara Hodge, was never an option.

"We are leveraging lots of technology, in fact, all the technologies we ca get our hands on, to eliminate people from shared services. We started with 1,400, are now at 1,000, and my goal is to reach zero," he explains.

The big enabler for this transformation – reinvention, really – is digitalization. Piyush is targeting a model run via an Operations Center that focuses not on "doing" but "enabling".

"In future, the work that remains will revolve around dashboards, a bit like a NASA control room. We will work solely on the basis of metrics and actionable alarms that will offer options," he explains.

And he is certain of getting there. Watch his interview here.

Posted: 04/05/2016


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