European G8 Series

Leading figures from your chosen 8 organizations will debate their personal views LIVE in Edinburgh at the 10th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week on Tuesday 25th May at 13.30.

You're seeking clarity and guidance on the current and future status of the sourcing market and how this impacts your strategy. Now you can get the answers. All you need to do is choose the questions. The 1 hour debate will cover 3 core topics, plus audience Q&A time. You can review and add your vote to the suggested questions for the panel to face, by clicking on the link below.

Click here to take survey and tick your top 3 questions - plus any others you'd like to add! The most popular answers will form the core of the session.

*Have a look at the recording of last year's G8 session 

G8: Global Sourcing Think Tank: Eliminating the White Noise

Eight pioneering strategists from the consulting, advisory and BPO side of the shared services and outsourcing space came together for the first time in Europe as part of the global SSON G8 series. G8 was designed to help create a common agenda and eliminate the white noise that comes with a growing complexity of sourcing models and providers.

Kept in check and provoked simultaneously by John Humphrys, BBC's 'Today Programme' anchor, the panellists gave an honest and frank account of the state of the union in this space. The audience were treated to a selection of choice insights whilst also enjoying John's 100% no tolerance approach to any of the participants casting themselves in a favourable light.

Questions debated included:' Is there a clear view on whether shared service centres perform better or worse on average, than third party outsourced delivery - substantiate this view'. This led to debate on whether SSCs could sustain success over the long term and whether they would ever achieve the scale required to be competitive.

G8 Europe Participant Interviews

Deborah Kops, Chief Marketing Officer, WNS Global Services
"The world is global and work is global. Outsourcing is inevitable now - we are now a virtual world and I don’t think we can go back."
Graeme Butterworth, VP, Processed Managed Business Services, IBM Managed Business Process Services
"Captive or Outsource – which delivers more and driving innovation before transformation"
Mark Hodges, Chairman of the Board, Co-founder and Executive Director, Corporate Development, Equaterra
"You can outsource a mess.. What doesn’t work is outsourcing a mess that you do not understand"
Nick Jarman, Global Head of Shared Services, PWC
"There is an opportunity now in terms of joining up the functional activities - finance, HR, IT, procurement ….and how you link the activities between some of those functions and get value from that in terms of cost and services delivered."
Pascal Manhes, Managing Director, Outsourcing - EALA, Accenture
"Ultimately I think that Shared Services will hit a wall because of the lack of scale and the outsourcer will gain some advantages"
Patrick Cogny, CEO, Genpact Europe
"Outsourcing your strategic decisions – defining exactly what is strategic and what needs to remain in the retained organization"
Peter Moller, Head Financial Transformation Europe, Deloitte
"When outsourcing you’ve really got to make sure you have the capability to manage the contract, to manage the service levels, to continuously improve and unless you build a retained organization that can do that – you’re going to fail."

Scott Furlong, Partner, TPI
"Service providers are less concerned about the contract now and more concerned about the relationship [with the client]"


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