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Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Pre-Conference Networking

Over 100 Practitioners from over 75 different shared services organizations have already registered and are collaborating with their peers in advance of attending Shared Services & Outsourcing Week North America, March1-3, Orlando, Florida. Finally, a way to jump-start the networking experience offered onsite. 
Welcome to virtual conferencing!

The Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Pre-Conferencing Networking site features some of the faculty from the March event reaching out to the community, including:

Speaker: Chris Haver, Senior Director of HRSS, Giant Eagle
On-Site Conference Session: "An In-Depth Look at HRSS Technologies – A Discussion Designed for the Non-Techie HR and Service Delivery Folks"
Background to Pre-Conference Community Collaborative Research:

We have all made significant investments in technology solutions within our service centers based on plans for a solid ROI. Some of these technologies get leveraged above and beyond what was in the original business case and others are under-utilized, never reaching their promise.

The online pre-conference community was about what technology within their service center has delivered "above and beyond" expectations and what benefit is it delivering. The results from the group identified one technology that was clearly "one they could not live without".

Speaker: Cara Pawlisch, AVP HR Shared Services, Hanover Insurance
On-Site Conference Session: "Employee relations Shared Services"
Background to Pre-Conference Community Collaborative Research: 

Recently, many human resources organizations have introduced formalized "Employee Relations" (not to be confused with "Labor Relations") and centralized teams. These teams manage workplace and performance issues that may have been handled previously by field generalists. This is a leading trend as part of overall HR transformation efforts in many organizations.

The online pre-conference community was asked to weigh in on where Employee Relations was currently positioned in their company and where it was trending. There was no clear "landing spot" in today’s HR organization, indicating that this is an area for which a clear best practice has yet to emerge. However, organizations are starting to consider options for Employee Relations and how to make this more value-adding.

With only two weeks to go before this flagship event … if you are going – then it’s time to get online with your peers!

To join the conversation you must be a practitioner registered for Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2011 and register on the Pre-Conference Site with the username and password that was e-mailed to you. If you are eligible and did not receive a username and password please email

About Peeriosity
SSON has partnered with Peeriosity to create a unique online networking exchange which enables you to identify and connect with peers, collaborate with speakers, join poll discussions, and research providers who will be on-site — all, months ahead of the conference! This forum is strictly for practitioners. We will post material from sponsors, exhibitors, providers, and consultants, but they cannot access, view, or participate in any of the pre-conference networking.

What this means is that your "on-site conference time" is more focused and productive. Leveraging Peeriosity’s well-established online research capabilities, conference attendees will be able to interact via advanced networking methods, including iPolling, and peer-to-peer connections. Additionally, you can do some homework on the suppliers who’ll be onsite, and target the ones you are interested in. Participation is free to practitioners who are registered for Shared Services & Outsourcing Week North America 2011, and to members of Peeriosity who are planning to attend. For more information, click here to view the user guide.

Benefits of participating in pre-conference networking with peers:

  • Identify peers attending the conference with similar interests and experiences
  • Make online connections ahead of the conference and then meet peers at the event
  • Participate in iPolling and see where other practitioners are focused
  • Review the conference agenda, speaker profiles, and facility layout to better plan your conference experience
  • View information about sponsors and exhibitors

SSOW 2011 Pre-conference Digest: Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some of the discussions and poll responses from our on-line pre-conference community on the SSON website. If you haven’t already registered for Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, or if you want to find out more about the event, please click on the link here. 

For those of you who have registered for Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Europe or Australasia, keep an eye out. We’re planning to roll out the same networking experience across those regions.