Neocase case study: Air France Success Story


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Case Study - HR Case Management for Air France: Using Neocase HR to manage high-volume, complex employee requests
Neocase discusses the comprehensive, SaaS solution implemented for this 34,000-employee passenger airliner to achieve significant efficiencies in its HR Shared Services Contact Center.

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The Challenge:

Manage increases in employee request volume and type

Air France is a renowned international passenger airline with over 102,000 employees worldwide. In 2004, Air France agreed to merge with KLM, the Dutch airline. This merger added a workforce of over 30,000 people to Air France’s already well-established employee base, resulting in an increased volume of inquiries from employees.

Additionally, Air France was interested in creating a global SSC to manage its domestic employee requests, particularly from Roissy and Orly airports in France. Air France required a scalable solution that could handle a request load of more than 34,000 employees at these two Parisian sites.

In addition to the large volume of inquiries, the solution would also have to accommodate a wide variety of requests as well as help to standardize resolution processes across the board.

The Solution Requirements:

Scalability, handling of complex cases, and rapid deployment

Air France needed a solution that would address the following critical requirements for this project:

  • Absorb the increased volume and complexity of cases resulting from
    the Air France-KLM merger
  • Establish standard processes for case resolution, including team management
    and workflows to improve quality of service
  • Deliver high quality service to employees; special focus on fulfillment
    of time-to-respond limits
  • Rapid deployment and ease of use for 130 HR Shared Services Center

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The Solution:

HR Shared Services Centers and Neocase HR

Two identical Shared Services Centers (SSC) were installed to manage the Human Resources operations of both airport locations: Roissy and Orly. Each HRSSC is comprised of seven basic teams with one team servicing
both centers. The seven teams consist of the following:

  • Initial Point of Contact—Service Desk
  • Employee SLA 1
  • Employee SLA 2
  • Retirement Plan
  • Management Queue
  • Hiring and Professional Development
  • Oversight and Reporting
  • Vacation and Travel Miles Redemption

With the exception of the Service Desk, each team handles a specific type of inquiry, or manages an inquiry based on that employee’s service level agreement (SLA) or position within the company (management

The Vacation and Travel Miles Redemption is sufficiently managed for both operation centers by one unit in the Roissy HR SSC.

The Initial Point of Contact—Service Desk receives all inbound requests from employees. These cases are logged and either resolved through first call resolution, or transferred to the appropriate queue based on
required expertise and corporate commitment for resolution timeline.

Air France selected Neocase HR in a highly-secure SaaS (Software as a Service) model to manage all employee inquiries. Neocase HR empowered Air France to set up multiple service level agreements (SLA) to enforce the proper time-to-respond limits for different categories of employees.

In addition, Neocase enabled the company to set up several topic-specific queues for their HR experts where inquiries were intelligently routed based on the question. The Neocase collaborative case management solution allows multiple HR employees at Air France to work on the same case simultaneously, leading to resolution in a much more expedient manner.

A key factor in Air France’s decision to work with Neocase was a rapid deployment cycle. Neocase HR was deployed within a few weeks, including the time needed to customize the software for Air France’s workflows, queues and service level agreements. Neocase’s ease of use guaranteed a fast adoption of the solution by Air France’s HR managers. HR Managers and agents required only three-day and one-day training sessions, respectively.

The Results: 30% reduction in number of inbound employee requests

The Neocase HR implementation has been a very successful project at Air France: HR agents are better able to support employees with advanced technology and effective workflow processes and employees have greater confidence that their HR requests are being administered in a standardized, professional way. The airline has achieved the following results in a short period of time after having deployed Neocase HR:

  • Significant increase in first call resolution rates
  • Decreased the number of employee requests by nearly 30%
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of HR staff of up 20%
  • Employee workplace satisfaction increased by 40%

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