Reggie Vallente Runs Process Excellence – and More

Name: Reggie Vallente

Title: Process Excellence
Maersk Global Service Centres (Phils) Ltd
E-mail address:
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Time with current company/in this role since:
Sept 2010

Q: What is your key role?

  1. Driving process excellence amongst process teams in Maersk GSC Manila.
  2. Taking charge of Greenbelt pipeline and training; coaching Greenbelt/project leaders and managing Greenbelt coaches; driving certification turn around time;
  3. Serving as Lean Sigma expert, providing the necessary training to process teams as well as facilitate improvement workshops (Value-stream mapping, Root-cause analysis, etc.);
  4. Providing guidance to process teams on continuous improvement roadmap; working with Project Leaders, Process Teams, and Process Leaders, in delivering customer-centric, efficiency and productivity-drive targets.

Q: What is it that attracts you to the online learning forum?

Working with BPO/ Shared Services companies, I’m looking for holistic learning and want to see the bigger picture. I want to be able to look at things from all perspectives as outlined in this course.

Q: How does this compare to other training sessions you've taken part in?

A: I look forward to being able to network with other SSO professionals and sharing best practices, and common solutions to common challenges.

Q: What is your Skill Set?

A: My background is mainline process excellence and continuous improvement, being able to manage teams and the changes around this.

Q: In which of the 10 core SSOPro competency areas do you feel you have experience/expertise to share?

A:I feel I have the most competency in Project and Quality Management, which is mostly my background, and to some degree Change management as well.

Q: In which of the 10 core SSOPro competency areas do you have most to learn?

A: I have to learn all the rest, apart from those mentioned above, to make me a holistic shared services leader. That’s why I enrolled in this course.

Q: What do you hope to gain from this course that will have the greatest impact on your current job?

A: I hope to gain knowledge on other aspects of Shared Services and outsourcing, apart from my current exposure on process excellence. I expect these learning to help me grow to be a well-rounded shared services and outsourcing professional.

Q: What has been your favourite job/role to date? Why?

A: Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt/Process Excellence Manager. It helps me enable people to improve how they do things, change their perspective and develop leaders in the making.

Q: Who has been your best boss/mentor to date? Why?

A: No one in particular but I look up to certain gurus and live the lessons they share. John Maxwell, Bo Sanchez, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump. You can earn through what you are most passionate about, and bless people around you while doing it.

Q: What is an unusual hobby or interest?

A: Stock trading =) – I used to think that it’s very risky and not for normal people. Once I learned more, I realised the risk is manageable and it’s only risky when you don’t do your homework. On another note, I love music and I play the guitar, piano, and drums, as I used to be part of a band.

Q: What has been your greatest achievement?

A: At work, my greatest achievement is being able to help people give more time to their families (what matters most) because of process improvement (less overtime) and developing leaders in the process of doing so … Personally, doubling my initial investment in the stock market in 3 months is an achievement I am proud of.

Q: What is your greatest regret?

A: Learning to stock trade only when I was already 29.

Q: Which management books/magazines/newspapers do you read?

  • Books: Good to Great, Leadership Pipeline, Tao of Coaching, Winning
  • Magazines: the Economist
  • Newspaper: Business world, Philippine star, Bloomberg news

Q: Who are your favourite writers?

A: Bo Sanchez, John Maxwell

Q: What is your favourite 10-minute meal that you cook?

A: Pasta (spaghetti)

Q: What is your favourite TV show?

A: The Amazing Race, Supernatural, Criminal Minds. Sports shows (NBA, basketball TV), Bloomberg news

Q: What is your "song" of the moment?

A: Don’t Stop Believing

Q: Where do you live and how far do you commute to work? What keeps you here?

A: I live in a condo unit in Pasig City. It’s a 15-minute drive from office. Its proximity to the office and establishments (malls, market, church, spas, etc.) keeps me there.

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