Liberty Source and AOL Enter into Multi-Year Onshore Business Process Outsourcing Relationship Investing in Job Creation for The Military Community

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AOL to Become Flagship Client for BPO Provider Leveraging Talents of Military Spouses

HAMPTON, Va. -- () -- Liberty Source PBC, a flexible onshore business process outsourcing (BPO) model that uniquely harnesses the talent of military spouses, and AOL Inc. (NYSE:AOL), today announced that they have entered into a three-year outsourcing relationship. Under the terms of the agreement, Liberty Source will deliver finance and accounting processes out of its newly opened headquarters at decommissioned Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia - the oldest US Army fort in continuous use.

"By delivering processes from an onshore location, Liberty Source drives further efficiencies by eliminating many of the challenges inherent in offshore outsourcing."

AOL represents the flagship client for Liberty Source, which offers companies the first scalable onshore alternative to the traditional offshore BPO model. Liberty Source delivers business processes such as finance and accounting, human resources, and administration for clients seeking a cost-effective and flexible onshore solution. It combines a uniquely productive business model with a compelling, socially conscious mission—providing career and training opportunities to a talented, under-employed pool of dedicated military spouses.

"AOL is an ideal founding client for Liberty Source," said Deborah Kops, Chair and Founder, Liberty Source. "AOL shares our vision about the importance of both the quality of delivery and the quality of the customer experience when outsourcing business processes. What’s more, they share our passion to tap into the abundantly skilled community of military spouses that make our onshore model a competitive alternative to offshore outsourcing."

Cynthia Gallagher, Deputy Controller for AOL adds, "While our decision to enter into any business relationship is predicated upon good business sense, the fact that our partnership with Liberty Source allows us to engage with, and give back, to the military community that has served so selflessly is a benefit that can’t be ignored."

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Liberty Source not only creates a positive social impact for a community in need of career opportunities, but it is able to deliver a compelling business proposition. According to Liberty Source’s CEO, Stephen Hosley, "By delivering processes from an onshore location, Liberty Source drives further efficiencies by eliminating many of the challenges inherent in offshore outsourcing."

About Liberty Source

Headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia on the decommissioned Fort Monroe military base, Liberty-Source is a business process outsourcer (BPO) delivering corporate processes such as finance and accounting, human resources and customer care to clients seeking a flexible, onshore and cost-efficient solution. The company, the first viable onshore alternative to the traditional offshore BPO model, has a compelling, socially conscious mission--tap into the dedicated, under-employed pool of highly skilled military spouses by providing educational and career opportunities. By harnessing the power of this domestic workforce, and creating strong alliances with leaders in the education, consulting and technology sectors, Liberty Source is able to rapidly implement powerful solutions that meet the changing needs of its clients. A Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), Liberty Source is for-profit, yet designed as responsible and sustainable enterprise, managed for the benefit of its clients, its shareholders and the broader public interest. For more information please visit

About AOL

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