SSON HARDtalk: Asking the questions that no-one else dares!

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The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) has just launched a hard-hitting online interview series which puts the most influential executives involved in Shared Services and Outsourcing in the hot seat – to be grilled on the questions most people want to ask but don’t dare.

Presented by Deborah Kops, the true First Lady of Shared Services & Outsourcing, SSON HARDTalk is committed to having those really difficult conversations – taking them from the water coolers and coffee shops to the recording studio.

We explore the issues that are gnawing at shared services and outsourcing professionals worldwide, and reflect the pulse of the industry today.

"Shared services have always been highly controversial," says Barbara Hodge, global editor of SSON. "But most practitioners are too politically savvy and sensitive to say too much. This series brings a completely different tone to the discussion."

Episodes are available online at Watch now for the most hard-hitting and honest account of what's happening in Shared Services today.

Episode 1 - Shared Services Careers: Stepping Stone or Graveyard of Ambition?
Two of the industry’s most respected shared services leaders, Rob Bradford of AkzoNobel and Simon Newton of Nokia, speak candidly on Shared Services careers.  

SSON HardTalk

For the last two-plus decades, getting started, gaining scale and shifting to the proverbial “better” have consumed executives worldwide. But as the maturing landscape throws up ever greater challenges and opportunities, who is asking the questions that don’t make it to the conference podium? SSON HARDtalk cuts straight to the chase.  

Watch the latest episodes online at to get your fix of unadulterated reality.