BPO in the 2020s: How Leaders Will be Positioned

Outsourcing faces a changing value proposition – why customers are not happy with the pace of change

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BPO leaders

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From the earliest days, best practices have decreed that shared services incorporate some version of outsourcing in their delivery model. In terms of optimizing performance – i.e., tapping into resources not otherwise readily available – outsourcing proved its value time and again.

But times have changed.

New technology is standing the original BPO value proposition (cheaper FTEs) on its head and customers are demanding more than just lower-cost resources or to offload tasks.

In partnership with Enlighten, SSON surveyed APAC and ANZ-based customers to find out just how well outsourcing was working for them these days.

Not so good, it turns out.

This critical report – BPO in the 2020s: How Leaders Will be Positioned – is now available to you.

Here are some of the findings

  • customers deplore the lack of technical leadership and customer-centricity
  • they want more transparency over end-to-end process performance
  • they want a partner who joins them in solving their problems

On the other hand:

  • providers recognize the threats facing them, particularly in the shape of emerging AI and robotics
  • they know they need to develop their end-to-end workflow expertise and RPA capability
  • they see data analytics as a "silver bullet" to more value-add

Download the report to find out:

  • are customers planning to invest more or less money in BPO next year?
  • what are customers' major complaints regarding BPO? 
  • what do BPOs see as the biggest challenge facing them in the next year?