Optimized Back-Office Management Process: Self-Assessment Survey [Instant Feedback]

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How Well Are You Managing? 

Back-office managers and executives are the unsung heroes of business. They meet their financial goals while balancing service quality, productivity, employee & customer satisfaction, and processing compliance – typically, struggling with outdated legacy systems and operational silos.

As of now, there is too little standardization across organizations, but it is possible, given an operational framework that combines technology and business processes, to drive a culture that is more transparent, consistent and accountable.

Find out how mature your management processes are: Take this survey and immediately receive your personal rankings on the 5 components of an optimized back-office management process.

This 10-minute survey will help operational managers, directors, and executives responsible for the processing of product and service transactions understand how they rank against the five components of an optimized back-office management maturity model:

  1. Standardized Management Processes and Tools
  2. Financial Metrics and Reporting
  3. Production Management
  4. Customer Service
  5. Employee Effectiveness

In addition, participants will be sent a complimentary copy of the benchmark report that will be written based on survey responses, and evaluate their positioning against their peers’, as well as links to resources that will help move rankings up the value curve.

Take the survey now.