Global Business Services goes Digital

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KPMG Management Consulting sponsored and facilitated a Global Business Services (GBS) track which ran over two days at SSON's 2015 North American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week conference. The discussion was summarized graphically and is shared here.

Global Business Services goes Digital

This discussion was designed for senior managers and executives with direct experience in running, implementing, or planning Shared Services and/or Global Business Services for large, global organizations. The program was structured to be interactive and involve a significant degree of analysis and discussion surrounding relative topics. Participants were encouraged to come prepared to present real-life GBS challenges for lively discussion, problem-solving and debate.

Session 1: How Digital is Disrupting (and Reinventing) the GBS Operating Model

In this session we explored how digital solutions are disrupting (and reinventing) the GBS operating model. The conversation was focused on first, understanding the types of digital solutions available in the market today (e.g. robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive solutions like Watson, BI and analytics, and more) and second, discussing when and how to evaluate the optimal digital solution for a particular business challenge. Participants engaged in table group discussions, and then presented to the rest of the audience the challenges they face and the digital solutions they believe to be the optimal or best fit for their business problem. Challenges shared by the audience included growing/hiring the right talent to support the shift to a digital workforce, addressing compliance and regulation requirements with automation, the need for centralized data management and smart analytics capabilities, and utilizing digital technologies to enable/address fast growth.

[Source: KPMG; click to enlarge]

Session 2: Impediments to Implementing Digital Solutions

This session was focused on the business catalysts leading organizations to look into digital solutions. Whether reacting to competition, staying current or adding new value through investment, businesses could have a host of considerations representing hurtles or barriers to overcome. In this session, keeping with the interactive format of the track, the audience engaged in conversation on the critical questions organizations must answer as they consider implementing digital solutions in their shared services and outsourcing engagements.

Open Discussion

The open discussion portion of the session provided clients with the opportunity to ask any question related to managing a GBS organization. Topics including when and what to automate, talent and change management in a digital environment, utilizing digital solutions to better leverage analytics, driving digital innovation, navigating internal politics, and understanding the bottom line value of digital solutions to the organization were presented and discussed with the group.

[Source: KPMG; click to enlarge]


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