Robotic Process Automation: Tool and Partner Selection

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RPA selection

43% Implementing Without External Advisory Partner

One of the first decisions to make in implementing RPA is choice of tool or solution, and implementation partner. Given the plethora of options – the market has expanded from a mere handful in the early days to roughly 50 today (and counting) – reputation, expertise in a particular industry or function, ongoing support and training, and customer service tend to be characteristics that buyers look for.

A handful of prevalent providers have floated to the top.

Based on a recent survey across APAC/ANZ the greatest number of respondents have to date installed Automation Anywhere, with UiPath the second most installed platform. Although the majority of respondents have installed only one RPA tool or solution, a third have opted for two or more different RPA solutions.

In analysing some of the ‘other’ responses, we also found that a handful of companies have opted to build their own platform using open source as a means of avoiding licensing costs.

A perhaps more surprising finding is that 43% of the companies are implementing RPA on their own, without a services partner or advisor.

Of those that opted for third party advisory support, the choice has fallen predominantly on EY and Deloitte as the most popular implementation partners across the APAC/ANZ demographic.

A quarter of respondents chose ‘other’, which, on closer analysis, revealed traditional outsourcing partners like Genpact and Accenture, as well as IBM. In these cases, the data suggests robotic automation capability is being developed on the basis of existing sourcing partner relationships.

Respondents with only 1 RPA tool installed 68%
Respondents with 2 or more tools installed 32%

Which robotic automation technology did you decide on?*
Automation Anywhere 43%
Blue Prism 27%
NICE 12%
UiPath 39%
Other 15%

Which services partner/advisor did you work with?*
Deloitte 15%
EY 20%
PWC 10%
None 43%
Other 25%

*Note: respondents could choose more than one option


NOTE: This is an extract from the recently published report: 

Robotic Process Automation:  Tactical Problem-Solving Giving Way to Strategic Transformation / APAC & ANZ MARKET REPORT 2019

You can download the full report here.