Marelli's Approach to Tackling Pandemic-Induced Disruption in China

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Beth Hampton

Ahead of his upcoming session at the 9th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week China, we spoke with Liu Xiao Hang, GM Dalian Business Center & Finance Director GBS at Marelli. In this interview, Liu talked us through the key survival tactics and growth objectives being deployed to maintain service delivery and to excel through the disruption.


Liu's interview is also featured in recent report The Future of Flexible Work in China’s Shared Service Centres.

Q: "Hi Liu. Can you tell us about Marelli's approach to tackling the disruption over this past year in China, and how you plan to futureproof your operations?"

A: "The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed life and work for most of us; especially the need to be ready to work remotely at any time, which is not easy for a newly setup GBS. We at Marelli are focused mainly on two dimensions: people management and network performance.

In terms of people management, we have been leveraging applications to allow employee to complete timely reports of history tracks, close contacts and attendance plans; these help leaders to manage the office in safe way. It also enables us to organize meetings and training online by voice and video, and even to record the session.

To improve network performance, we plan to upgrade the bandwidth of internet and MPLS, and optimise the configuration of VPNs to provide a stable connection outside of the office.

Our long-term strategy is to accelerate the digitalization and automation within GBS, so that we eventually have an integrated working platform with upstream customers and downstream partners. We also plan to launch the agile module. These changes will strongly improve the ability of business contingency, minimize the impact for any similar situation or region-wise crisis, and will drive significant cost benefits."


Keen to hear more from Liu? Join him and many other key speakers at the upcoming 9th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week China - click here to register.