RPA Yields 3-Year ROI of 800%

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To convince potential RPA adopters of the business value achievable with RPA, here are the results of a recent case study:

As of April 2015, Telefônica O2 deployed over 160 "robots" that process between 400,000 and 500,000 transactions each month, yielding a three-year return on investment of between 650 and 800 percent.

In just three years, Telefônica O2 reported £950,000 in net benefits. For some processes, it reduced the turnaround time from days to just minutes. Subsequently, customer "chase up" calls have been reduced by over 80 percent per year because fewer customers needed to inquire about the status of service requests.

Scalability was unbeatable—its robotic workforce could be doubled almost instantly when new products were about to be launched—and then scaled back down after the surge.

How did Telefônica O2 achieve such remarkable results?

Download this London School of Economics report to find out.