Intelligent Automation World Series 2018 Starts Today!

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Elisa Montes

Digital transformation has taken a big hit in the way businesses operate. Some companies are already up-to-date with current trends while others have fallen behind. Regardless of where you stand, it never hurts to learn from your peers and see what they do within their organization – the various tactics they used; what worked, what failed and their implementation lessons. 

Intelligent Automation World Series 2018 starts today and now is your chance to join. 

Key themes and topics: 

Digital Workforce

Intelligent Automation Continuum – RDA, RPA, Cognitive and Augmented Intelligence

IA Operating Models – Build, Buy or Hybrid

Change Management in Digital Transformation

Data requirements for automation

With access to cutting edge content and world class speakers from the comfort of your desk, join in 8 live webinar sessions for free today. 

Because as Guy Kirkwood, chief evangelist of UiPath suggests – RPA hype is now over and has now shifted to AI; a topic daunting to many. 

Register now: