Crisis Special: Contents

SSON News and Analysis
Posted: 07/09/2012

Ten Potential Opportunities in a Time of Crisis - How this cloud really might have a silver lining (or ten...).

Six Quick Working Capital Wins - Easy steps to help protect your organization against the worst effects of the downturn.

Outsourcing and the Financial Crisis - Phil Fersht of AMR (and leading sourcing blog Horses for Sources) conducted a survey into the outsourcing intentions of leading US financial institutions in the face of the financial crisis. Here are the results.

Offshoring Strategies in the Face of Crisis and Recession - Professor Soeren Dressler of The Offshoring Institute outlines his concerns that the economic crisis and anticipated slowdown may tempt companies to offshore services based on cost criteria as opposed to as part of a measured, coherent and long-term offshoring strategy.

9 Ways IT will be Impacted by the Current Economic Turbulence - Things to watch out for in troubling times...

8 Ways IT Can Weather the Economic Storm - Advice for CIOs to mandate more IT services in an age of tightening budgets...

Roundtable: Sourcing in the Face of a Financial Crisis - Investigating the impact of the economic turmoil on the sourcing space... 

Q&A: David Wyss, Chief Economist, Standard & Poor's - Looking at the consequences of the global crisis and the future of shared services with the renowned economist...

Q&A: Brian Fabbri, Chief US Economist for North America, BNP Paribas - Examining the impact of the financial crisis on the global economy, the shared services model, and the outsourcing sector...

The importance of good communication in critical times - In turbulent economic times it's vital to keep clear lines of communication open - and not to overreact to the turbulence. Mike Colicchio, MD, Celanese Hungary Kft tells SSON how he is maintaining good communication throughout his organization, and what other steps shared services can take to mitigate against the worst impact of the financial crisis.

Opportunities and obligations for Credit & Collections during the economic crisis - As the economic downturn bites ever harder, the role of Credit & Collections departments becomes correspondingly more vital for companies looking to maximise cashflow and working capital. Ian Chambers talks with SSON's Jamie Liddell about how C&C practitioners can help their companies ward off the worst impact of the slump - and how this might be the opportunity of a lifetime to demonstrate added value in critical times.

Q&A: Michael Cox, Chief Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - The leading economic thinker speaks with SSON about the current turmoil.

Credit & Collections in the face of an economic slowdown: challenges and opportunities - Diageo's Jan Comhaire speaks with SSON's Jamie Liddell about how Credit & Collections practitioners can prove themselves indispensable as organizations try to stave off the worst impact of the economic downturn, looking at quick wins and longer-term strategies for added value and lasting success.

Roundtable: Working Capital in the Face of a Financial Crisis - How the chaos on Wall Street, and the subsequent downturn, will impact upon working capital management

Roundtable: the Crisis and Shared Services - an Asian Perspective - How the global economic slowdown is affecting shared services and sourcing in Asia

SSON News and Analysis
Posted: 07/09/2012


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