Excellence in Culture Award Winner 2016: Citi ESC

SSON Editor

How ‘Culture’ Drove the Success of Citi’s newly designed Enterprise Supply Chain

Interview with Dona Linthicum, MD, Head of Enterprise Supply Chain Systems, Citi

Eighteen months ago, three different service components within Citi – payables, supplier risk, and procurement – were brought together to form an end-to-end Enterprise Supply Chain (ESC). This new organization acts as an enabler to the wider organization, specifically to further ensure that third party risk is managed, and is an important factor in providing global operations with an even more streamlined and value adding service based on end-to-end process alignment.

A key priority in bringing together three separate businesses was to differentiate ESC as a function. To support the transformation and success of this initiative, Citi ESC’s leadership team focused on creating a brand-new culture, which is necessary for the formation of a new organization.

From designing a website describing the mission and values, to offering virtual and physical opportunities to engage with leaders real time, to building a comprehensive talent program, Enterprise Supply Chain has used a wealth of methodologies to transform the engagement culture.

And it has paid off, as Dona Linthicum explains to Barbara Hodge.