How to get the most out of your conference experience - SSON Editor’s Tips

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Whether it's your first rodeo or your 50th, here’s a reminder of how to make the best use of your time at SSO Week Europe in Manchester this week.

#1: Use the app: Reach out to speakers you want to meet or to fellow attendees whose jobs are interesting via the app. Make sure you upload your photo so you are easy to recognize. Study theirs, so you can find them in a crowd!

#2: Get involved with instant polling to find out how your peers are aligned on some of the core challenges facing you. Polls will be released during the live sessions – make sure you have the event app open beforehand. Screenshot the results for your own personal industry survey results.

#3: Get more detailed benchmarks: Use the free benchmarking tool – SSON Analytics is offering free comparisons across best practice metrics from the top 20 most admired SSOs in the world. Come to the SSON booth at the back of the hall for your free access.

#4: Make yourself interesting to others: Relationships run on reciprocity. Comment on questions and be active on the app. You'll immediately be recognized as a thought leader.

#5: Business cards: Boost your memory by writing notes on the back of business cards. A pile of blank cards makes it hard to remember who you wanted to call and why? Always follow-up within a week of the conference. Connect on LinkedIn and include a personal message reminding the person of your conversation.

I hope to meet some of you onsite at SSO Week Europe in Manchester this week!

Barbara Hodge, Global Editor, Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)