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Women in Shared Services

Over the past months, enterprises across the world have had to face up to their gender policies. From Hollywood to Uber, we've been confronted with the ugly side of business – and that's not restricted to the corporate sector. The public sector, government and higher education are all experiencing the same.

So it's high time to place 'women in shared services' under the spotlight.

We are currently analyzing the results of our annual shared services survey. More than 600 shared services practitioners from around the world participated. One of the questions we asked was about gender ratios within their centers.

How are genders distributed in your SSCs?

gender ratio in global SSCs

Source: SSON State of the Shared Services Industry Survey, 2018

Nearly half of our respondents employ more women than men. And yet, anecdotally, our events regularly provide a snapshot that indicates more men than women in leadership positions.

All the more reason to share the infographic below, to promote successful careers for women in shared services.

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