Customer Experience: Enabled by Automated Solutions as Never Before

Touchpoints, Automation and Engagement

Barbara Hodge

Touchpoints, Automation and Engagement

With 2020 underway, one of SSOs’ top priorities this year is to really push Customer Experience.

It’s the buzz word everyone is talking about and every customer touchpoint is now under the microscope. CX is given a tremendous boost through automated solutions, which offer the double whammy customers want: personalization and convenience.

But leading SSOs aren’t just delivering on customer expectations – they are also anticipating what their customers might need to know – and adjusting their service delivery strategies accordingly. The critical question is: How do you balance technology automation and human engagement? Bearing in mind that automation makes the overall experience more human.

Three trends to be aware of:

  • AI can add a whole new level to SSO customers’ journeys from initial touchpoint through engagement to delivery, by leveraging text, sentiment, voice, interaction, and IoT.

  • Hyper-Personalized Experiences are the new ‘black’ of CX. SSOs know their customers’ history, data, consumption patterns and business environment. Add to that workforce analytics and predictive market data – and you are set to deliver a CX second to none.

  • Engage with customers frequently, but based on their requests and preferences – not yours. Leverage an omnichannel approach, real-time. Be available on mobile devices.


The big opportunity is in activity-driven, real-time guidance based on customers' situations. So prepare.