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If you missed the live digital event SSON ran for Shared Services in Asia recently don't worry – we've listed all the sessions and a user-friendly link to view them on demand. All absolutely free to you as a thank you for being part of the SSON comunity (also available as a download – click red button):


Day One – Session Highlights

Session 1: Benchmark Results – Top 20 Most Admired SSO’s - Panel Discussion
• Metrics come to life
• Factors in City Cube to evaluate where to move work or deliver services
• Cx focus by engaging stakeholder (lawyers) in self service tools to ensure they support how and where they work

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Session 2: Turning Travel Analytics Into Business Intelligence
• Identifying exceptions highlights trends or possible need for policy adjustment, not just bad behavior
• ‘What If’ analysis as another tool for spend optimization
• Spend analytics enables Shared Services to increase value to the business

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Session 3: Mirror On The Wall-Enabling Transformation & Driving Innovation Mindset
• Technology is not enough to drive innovation, culture is key
• Analytics creates significant value for transformation
• Industry disruption helps org to support agile innovation

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Day Two – Session Highlights

Session 4: Evolving Talent to Meet the Needs of the Digital Future
• Will, Skill, Trust and Influence – 4 Essentials of Cisco talent transformation
• Building a learning culture (Say, Do, Know)
• What I loved and What I loathed from my work last week – learn from this discussion to help employees be their best

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Session 5: Advancing Shared Services through Cognitive Automation
• The Automation Challenge – Dark Data: dealing with unstructured data
• Ideal use cases for cognitive automation
• Considerations when making the leap from RPA to AI platforms

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Session 6: Transforming Human Resources and Talent Management Towards a Leading Practice Service Delivery Model
• Red + Blue = Purple skills
• Fail fast, learn fast, correct fast
• Advancing KPI/SLA’s from delivery focused to stakeholder focused

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Day Three – Session Highlights

Session 7: Accelerating up the Maturity Curve in the shortest possible time - Sharing AECOM’s journey in transforming from a SSC to a successful GBS
• Adopted a Best Fit for Role strategy vs low cost resulting in higher quality talent
• 3-6-1 Model key to success coupled with ‘hypercare’ to support a 5 month process to open the doors
• Structured but Agile project management and systematic knowledge transfer

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Session 8: The Inevitability of RPA in Finance and Accounting
• Changing labor force – loss of large group of learned, tenured employees with institutional knowledge driving need for a system that can respond to incoming fluid workforce
• Cloud commuting services is one of the 3 key drivers of why RPA is inevitable. “Compute’ is now like a utility, with lower cost, higher availability and you can scale as needed (vs former server room days)
• Risk intelligence RPA allows you to prove both the efficiency and effectively. Not just fast, also better.

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Session 9: Thinking Big with RPA-What’s next for Shared Services, Intelligent Automation & RPA
• How Digital Workforce delivers value by enhancing operational excellence & accelerating digital programs
• Digital disruption relies on ability to ingest from/disseminate to legacy systems, processes, data
• Six essential skills digital workers need

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