SSON announces ground-breaking partnership for Online GBS Certification

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SSON announces ground-breaking partnership to provide Online GBS Certification

LONDON [November 16, 2020]: SSON, a global forum connecting more than 170,000 shared services and GBS professionals, is partnering with a team of ex-P&G executives to launch a Professional GBS Certification Program. This partnership with advisory services firm Inixia will fill the gap in the skills and training market by offering much-needed GBS Certification.

Global Business Services [GBS] is one of the hottest areas of corporate development in supporting optimized performance across business support services. GBS is also the primary vehicle for driving digital transformation. According to SSON’s 2020 survey, 60% of shared services around the world already operate as GBS and another 18% plan to do so within five years.

And yet, GBS as a practice lacks the standardization and broadly acknowledged certification that such an influential operation would be expected to have.

That is why SSON has partnered with Inixia – a unique advisory firm reflecting years of practical operational excellence in best-in-class GBS organizations, including Procter & Gamble, to bring a unique opportunity for GBS certification to the market.

“We recognize that, over the past 10 years, as GBS has grown in popularity and influence, there has been a critical lack of common denominator in how the model is applied, managed, and evolving,” said Naomi Secor, Global Managing Director, SSON.


“At the same time, the current pandemic has made the resiliency GBS offers more sought after than ever. That is why this is the perfect moment for business services leaders to ensure they are investing in adequately skilling and training their teams in a best practice GBS methodology.”

The Professional GBS Certification Program launches in February 2021, and is delivered through live online courses that run over three months. Certification is offered across two categories: 

  1. a comprehensive “Professional GBS Certification” comprising: GBS Foundations, Service Management, Operations Management, Transformation and Change Management, and Leadership; and

  2. an Applied Knowledge Series, focused on 10 different use case scenarios and providing more tactical lessons. Participants choose 6 of the 10 courses on offer.


Two of Inixia’s founders, Filippo Passerini (President) and Tony Saldanha (CEO), previously worked together at Procter & Gamble, running what is broadly acknowledged as one of the most successful GBS operations in the world (a US$2billion operation).

“We received so many inquiries from industry connections, asking for help in establishing a GBS framework, that we quickly recognized there was an enormous gap in the market,” explains Passerini.

“It quickly followed that there was a tremendous opportunity to put together a clear framework and methodology to help drive this industry forward,” adds Saldanha.

Learn more and sign up on the GBS Certification page: 

About SSON:
The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) is the largest and most established community of shared services and outsourcing professionals in the world, with over 170,000 members. Established in 1999, SSON recognized the revolution in support services as it was happening and realized that a forum was needed through which practitioners could connect with each other on a regional and global basis. SSON is a one-stop shop for shared services professionals, offering industry-leading events, training, reports, surveys, interviews, white papers, videos, editorial, infographics, and more.


About Inixia:
Inixia is a unique advisory services firm providing a combination of CXO client perspective and deep strategic analytical thinking, drawing upon years of practical operational excellence in leading and developing best-in-class Global Business Services (GBS) organizations.