Leadership as a Journey – and a Destination

What are the qualities you should be honing in 2019?

Girish Ganesan

What can you do to become a better "Leader"?

What qualities make a truly good leader? If you're trying to answer this question you've likely paused, taken a step back, and started to think about the true definition of leadership with a wide-angle vision.

I know that's what I did…

In my opinion, great leaders offer so much more than business knowledge and strategy. They know how to build trust and empower those they work with. They never lose momentum – and most importantly, they know that they are on a journey, where they can never go at it alone.

Based on my personal experiences thus far in my career, here are some key qualities that every good leader should possess, and learn to emphasize:

Heart of an entrepreneur, spirit of a leader

This is a big one. First and foremost, I believe an entrepreneurial attitude can be a leader's strongest asset; it can instantly set you apart in a league of great leaders and unsuccessful ones.

This is an approach that is centered around a continuous renewal of growth. Entrepreneurs view challenges as opportunities; each setback reveals a key opportunity to be better – either to improve upon an existing weakness or to take measures to avoid a setback down the road.

In the end, this mindset can be your powerhouse, allowing you to achieve greatness, while empowering other people to do the same.

Embrace and actively seek out diversity of thought

People bring different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities to the table, and those differences can help create the future.

To be truly innovative – and inclusive – we as leaders must focus on harnessing employees’ viewpoints and opinions, no matter how different they are (or may be) from one another. Day in and day out, it’s about bridging the gaps of opportunity.

Whether you choose to hire that unconventional candidate, or consistently choose to rephrase your questions to encourage honest feedback, you'll ultimately be moving your business forward!

Diversity in thinking styles and diversity in behavioral preferences really can propel you and your team to new heights.

Confront and lead moments of adversity

One of the most important lessons I've learned this year is that adversity management primarily reveals who you are as a leader. Today's leaders are faced with adversity almost every day, and for this reason, how they confront it and lead through it prove defining moments in their career.

What makes a good leader great are the trials and tribulations of failure. These leaders actively learn from their mistakes, and choose to see the positives, as opposed to the negatives.

I firmly believe that leaders who have endured adversity are most likely to be the ones with the resilience to resolve and to succeed.


What advice do you have to help improve your management skills and develop your leadership qualities? Please comment below.


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