How Do You Get 300% Efficiency Gains?

SSON Editor

Interview with Bryce Berg, VP of Business Services at Molina Healthcare

If you want proof of the impact of technology, it's here: within Accounts Payable alone, Molina Healthcare gained more than 300% efficiencies as a result of a solutions implementation. And while that's impressive, the real wins, as Bryce Berg explains to Barbara Hodge, are "the dollars not spent on hiring new staff."

For a company that has grown from 3,000 people just five years ago to more than 20,000 today, being able to scale was crucial.

"In 2010 we had 14 staff in AP," explains Bryce. "If that department has grown proportionately to our employee base, we would be at over 60 staff today. Instead we are still at 14."

Perhaps even more significantly, however, everyone has moved to a higher level in their respective roles: procurement has moved from managing transactions to managing vendors; AP has moved from keying data to investigating why things are not automated; buying staff are evaluating software compliance, etc.

"It’s all about the value," Bryce says. Watch the interview here.