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Do you ever walk away from an event wondering, "Who did I just meet?" We hear constantly that our attendees thrive on the networking they do at our events, and at SS&O Week this past March there were more than 825 on hand to meet, 50% of whom had never attended before.

The one complaint? You can’t meet everyone, and once you’re back in the office, you lose some of that valuable information about our audience that you learned onsite.

We’ve decided to change that and take our research up a notch in the process.

For 4 days in Orlando, at Shared Services and outsourcing Week (North America) 2015, the shared services community was asked a series of industry-specific questions – and answered candidly and off the cuff. The result? Incredibly valuable data, that will help you position your SSO, understand where you stand in relation to the industry, and offer some pointers to reach for.

For example: most attendees run hybrid SSCs; half are targeting GBS but fear internal politics will derail these plans; most are struggling iwth communicating shared services "must have" value, beyond cost; and the vast majority are drowning in information about new technology – but are struggling to make decisions.

It's "benchmarking in a box".

Download the report here, to find out more: