Podcast with Credit Suisse's Gary Carter: Rethinking offshoring's value proposition

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Episode summary:

Recorded at SSOWeek, Manchester, in May 2017, Gary Carter joins us and discusses his role at Credit Suisse, where he is responsible for the offshoring program – supporting internal businesses as they look to move functions from the core business centers to established offshore locations.

Gary spends a lot of time discussing with the businesses what they need, with cost, of course, being a core part of the conversation. But Gary and his team feel that if you talk about offshoring and the only thing you have to offer is, “we’ll save you money,” that’s a dead conversation. That’s what the past decade was all about.

There has to be something else – like focusing on talent (India or Eastern Europe for IT, for example) or operational resiliency from cohabiting functions, or risk minimization, as the beginning of a more comprehensive conversation around what offshoring means for your enterprise.

Millennials, says Gary, offer greater protection from a digital threat perspective, and are far more security conscious than other elements of the workforce, so provide better cyber security.  

The Polish center also provides an interesting lever for "value" driven by quantitative skills. Offshoring is being enabled, he says, through technology and the incredible access you have to talent means that offshoring is far from "dead", he predicts.

The interview tells us as much about Seth Adler, our star-spangled host, as it does about Gary ("This is the day when Chelsea [football] wins 'the thing'," says Seth. Pray, more detail?)

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Note: Gary has recently taken a role at Barclays. Connect with him on LinkedIn.