SSON Benchmarking Report: How Are You Positioned for the 5 Mega-Trends?

Over the course of this year, across our global events and online, we have identified 5 Major Trends (let's call them "Mega-trends") that are shifting Shared Services firmly into the realm of value-add centers as opposed to centralized transactional teams. These are:

  • Optimized Services Delivery
  • Digital & Process Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Service, and
  • Evolving Skillsets

To get a clearer picture of how shared services leaders are adapting their model, we are surveying our global members. We are also measuring 3 leading metrics across HR, F&A, and at Enterprise Level – so don't miss this chance to gain insider information.

The results of this survey will provide a benchmark for you to compare your investment priorities against those of your peers.

The survey takes less than 15 minutes! As thanks, we’ll send you a first-look copy of SSON's 2015 Shared Services Annual Benchmarking Report: 5 Mega Trends, which will provide a detailed summary of the results alongside an analysis of what they mean for you (simply include your contact details on the last page).

Be an influencer – take the survey here now.

(Please note: this survey is open solely to active inhouse practitioners, not vendors.)