7 of the Most Important Automation Statistics for 2019

Ignore the hype – here are the facts!

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Barbara Hodge

IA predictions SSON

1. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

are the most popular investment targets for 2019.

2. More than 30%

of global Shared Services have implemented robotic automation; 44% are in the planning and testing phase. That leaves a quarter still uncommitted.

3. Most automation strategies

are owned by Shared Services (47%). IT owns 25%. (Best practices suggest IT is not the optimal owner.)

4. Globally, half of Shared Services

that have implemented robotics have less than five bots (or ‘projects’) currently installed.

5. Nearly half the automation projects that fail

do so because of wrong process choice. Insufficient change management is another key factor.

6. Shared Services planning

to integrate additional intelligent automation are prioritizing Artificial Intelligence ahead of Machine Learning, Intelligent Chatbots, Cognitive solutions, and Blockchain.

7. Most Shared Services

don’t currently have the resources needed to leverage additional IA solutions. They also don't have ready access to the data required to proceed.

Source: SSON Annual Survey 2018