My "AI WOW Moment" of the week...

Natural language processing is evolving in leaps and bounds (or in 'rings', in this instance)

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Barbara Hodge

A recent talk by Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains Google Duplex and has gone viral.  if you have not yet seen it, allow me  to present it below.

We know, of course, that this kind of technology is coming – and is coming fast.

The reason I found this video so impressive is because despite everything automation can do, there are still crucial moments in processing or customer service where, well, we just think we need a human.

Of these moments – call them exceptions – let's say 25% really do need a human. That still leaves 75% which could be dealt with by a digital human. Or a robotic human. Or not a human at all, really.

In other words: even where the counterpart may think they need the reassurance of a human voice, you may not need to expend real human resources.

Certainly food for thought as business services support continues to upgrade its model with intelligent automation…

Happy weekend!