Contracting: the First Step in a Change Management Program

Posted: 06/25/2014

Ed Hansen has seen some mistakes in his career. But the one he says may be the biggest lost opportunity is not leveraging the contracting process as the first step in a change management program. Ed has been helping clients work with outsourcers for a long time – currently as a Partner at law firm McCarter & English where he leads the Business Technology and Complex Sourcing practice, and previously as a co-chair of Baker & McKenzie’s North American Sourcing Practice. Ed explains that if you take a holistic view of the contracting process and approach the negotiations with the right attitude, you’ll find that you not only end up with a great contract, but you will have gotten a head start on your organizational change management program and successfully set up your team to succeed at transition.

Ed’s seen a lot in his practice, and most off us would love 10 minutes with him, to pick his brain on how to get the biggest bang out of contracting and negotiations. Failing that, get advice on how to match the right technique to the right deal; how to treat the "economics" of a deal as the behavioral science that it is; and how to speed up the time to transition in an outsourcing contract – right here, in this video interview.

Interesting footnote: in his spare time, Ed is an instrument rated pilot who enjoys taking out of town visitors for tours of the Manhattan skyline [in his Mooney].

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About Ed Hansen: Ed specializes in strategic deal advice and conducting negotiations for companies involved in transformational technology and technology-enabled transactions. His practice incorporates organizational change management, relationship issues, innovation drivers, value creation, and other indicia of deal success that are not typically thought of as "legal". Contact:


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