Winter is Coming…

...and the Northern folk are gathering

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Posted: 08/13/2017

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With the incredibly popular Game of Thrones entering its 7th Season, dragons, castles and clans are back in vogue. Never have the Nordics been more relevant, as Norse mythology underpins the story lines of this Emmy-award winning story!

Yet another reason that the Nordics deserves to stand under the spotlight right now: Northern folk are on the move, and all the great Services clans are meeting in Stockholm in November, to hear the elders speak and devise partnerships for the year ahead.

Here are five reasons you should be paying attention to the Nordics (again)

  1. Obviously the Wildlings are Vikings (in thin disguise). And while we fear them we also love them, right?

  2. Mad Kings are nothing new for the Nordics (truthfully, that applies for most of the world). If you don’t believe me look up King Christian VII. Or look up Queen Margaretha (who does she remind you of?).

  3. Wolves, forests, moats, castles … you won’t find those in Detroit or Delhi – but you will all across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

  4. All those ‘houses’ and their loyal armies – constantly fighting for land and power, rising and falling. Today’s battles are being fought over the big brands: Nokia, Lego and Ikea. Just try challenging a loyal customer and see.

  5. The Lannisters and the Targaryens knew something about leveraging partnerships, loyalties, and strengths. Any Nordics folk should take a leaf out of their book. If you want tips on which partnerships and strategies work best for you – we ask 10 questions that will tell you just where you stand compared to others. [Tell us how your SSO is positioned for the “winter” ahead. We’ll pool all the feedback and send it straight to you in a few weeks.]

Remember: we are stronger together – and sharing stories is just one way to get there. So join us in Stockholm for another brilliant episode of the Nordic Shared Services BPO & GBS Summit.

sson people
Posted: 08/13/2017


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