After Years, Growth Trend in Global Shared Services – But Still Far Below Average

growthFor the first time in six years the number of shared services announcements globally has grown again, according to IBM PLI’s annual locations report. We are proud to bring you an extract of this report specifically tailored to SSON’s members, looking at the impact of global location trends on shared services.

Despite the uptick in shared services projects, the number of new or expanded centers remains far below the average of the past decade (reaching 500 in the past). Shared Services jobs also continue to decrease and are now only one third of the record jobs created in 2006. Further evidence that companies are transforming their services models via new opportunities in automation.

Mature markets in North America and Europe account for the lion’s share of new shared services jobs, while Asia continues its decline to reach its lowest level on record.

The US continues to be the number one destination country for shared services activity. While most of these jobs are from domestic companies, one third were generated by foreign investors. 

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