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Posted: 07/09/2012

G8 Asia 2010: Global Sourcing Think Tank: Eliminating the White Noise

SSON’s G8 Asian chapter exceeded all expectations in 2009 and some familiar and new faces certainly lived up to the high expectations, which were set for 2010. Designed to provide the Shared Services and Outsourcing industry with a neutral platform, SSON's Global G8 series aims to combat end-user cynicism and confusion surrounding the growing complexity of sourcing models and provider solutions options available to companies today.

The 3 remaining G8 regional panels cover local debates in APAC (Sydney), Europe (Edinburgh) and the Americas (Orlando). 

Like G8 Asia 2009 SSON members selected the panelists, which included pivotal industry figures who are active across the consulting, BPO provision/advisory and the ERP technology side of the shared services and outsourcing space.

Nisha Pillai , Anchor for BBC World News and investigative journalist chaired the session for the first time and she began by asking, what the terms business transformation, value and innovation actually mean and whether or not  they are better achieved through Shared Services or BPO?

This of course brought up some very interesting topics - with varied views from the 8 panelists and vocal audience. The session also went on to discuss the benefits and risks  of co-locating multiple functions, ways to drive value across deals in BPO and delivering innovation through shared services and outsourcing …..


G8 Asia Participant Interviews

Introduction - Meet the 8 Eminent Panellists   
Business Transformation, Value & Innovation. What do these terms mean and are they better achieved through Shared Services or BPO? 
Shared Services or BPO - which is the better model? What criteria should be used to manage services?  
Co-locating multiple functions: Do the benefits of co-locating multiple functions in a single SSC site outweigh the risks of forcing functions together when they have different levels of emphasis in location requirement? 
How does Sell side strengthen its competitive position while focussing on clients’ business performance during tough times. 
Driving value across deals in BPO, delivering innovation through shared services & outsourcing
Final thoughts & Summary
SSON News and Analysis
Posted: 07/09/2012


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