What Do You Need to Know About Outcome-based Delivery?

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In today’s economy, outsourcing providers are under pressure to demonstrate value. Labor arbitrage is a given - today, clients want deeper cost savings from end-to-end solutions and automating complex processes. And they expect to access globalized services and standardized processes across geographic and business unit boundaries. Swiss Post introduces its Document Services Platform.
Developing an Outcome Based Global Delivery Network for Document Processing Services
Document process outsourcing meets today's exacting client expectations in five core areas:
1. A standardized, unified global delivery model.
2. Best-in-class, scalable, secure technology.
3. Lowest total cost of ownership.
4. Outcome-based solution and pricing.
5. Proven ability to consistently meet service level agreements.
When a DPO provider applies Kofax technology to develop a unified global delivery network, the provider can leverage an infrastructure / platform: that spans multiple countries, locations and languages; provides greater agility to react to clients’ changing business needs; and enables an outcome-based solution leveraging a more sophisticated outcome-based pricing model as opposed to an input-based model.
Download this report to find out how a unified global delivery network can solve your business challenges in document processing, and how to avoid simply automating a broken manual process.