What Do the Number of Job Ads Tell You About the Local Shared Services Market?

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What do the number of job ads tell you about the local Shared Services market? Actually, a lot.

SSON Analytics [formerly Dart Institute] has a wealth of data on the number and location of shared services centers around the world and recently compared this to the amount of shared services job ads published over the past 30 days.

Here’s what we found:

Despite having a similar number of SSCs as Warsaw (Poland), Budapest (Hungary) has nearly 3x the number of job ads of Warsaw, indicating a much more active SSC market. Are the center numbers larger? Are they growing? Or is turnover that much higher? Check out the SSON Analytics website to interact with our database.

Warsaw = 60 SSCs, 87 job ads

Budapest = 58 SSCs, 264 job ads

See more data on the shared services jobs market and more in the SSON Analytics' City Cube.