Is Robotics the Right Choice for You?

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"Robots are going to take away all of our work – aren’t they?"

A common sentiment, these days and yet most of us have not yet established a strategy to prepare for this apparent invasion in the workplace. Information is still spotty, and most heavily "in favor" but not really defining the rationale.

That is why we asked the automation experts at eg solutions to write a definitive and holistic introduction to robotic process automation. And they have surpassed themselves.

This white paper addresses everything you should know about robotic automation. You'll understand the difference between "swivel chair" robotics ("vanilla" RPA) and the Artificial Intelligence-driven robotics that are already emerging; why swivel chair has a finite life; and how to plan for the next steps even as you start out.

"Robots are being used to overcome the inability to integrate all of the systems in use."

Read this white paper now to ensure approach robotics the right way – as a process excercise, not an IT exercise – and to make the best possible use of Robotics Process Automation in your back office environment.